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Episode 1 - Who Are We?

Welcome to Married In America! This is an introductory episode for the show, as well as to the hosts Chris Matthews and Logan Cohen. Married In America is a podcast an informative talk show platform with Professional Marriage & Family Therapists that includes guest appearances from other professionals in the Mental Health field to discuss topics such as experiences in Therapy, Relationships, Intimacy, Parenting, and Healthy Lifestyle. This will all be coming from two Professional Therapists who are also Men, Husbands, and Fathers who eagerly want to be part of the solution for Mental and Emotional Health in our country. As Men, we get an opportunity to model an open dialogue between a Black Man and a White Man who come from different places, but share similar belief systems about healthy values regarding Relationships, Family Life, and Entrepreneurship. And how often do you get to ask your Therapist questions about themselves and WHY they do what THEY do? Listen for the answers and see what we're all about!


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Episode 2 - Phases of Relationship Development 

Relationships can be a beautiful thing. As beautiful as they can be, relationships also have lots of ups and downs, some of which should be expected.  Which ones should be expected and why?  And at which points of the relationship? On this episode listeners will learn more about the 4 phases of Romantic Relationship Development and how to navigate those ebbs and flows in a manner that pulls each partner closer together.


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Episode 3 - Romantic Readiness Part 1: Men Are From Mars

This episode explores how Men develop from “Boyhood” to “grown-ass manhood”, then how these developments align with their readiness to engage in romantic relationships. The American Psychological Association (APA) defines Adolescence as a process of coming of age. This episode explores what this process looks like from the perspective of two Male Therapists with Sons.


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Episode 4 - Romantic Readiness Part2: Women Are From Venus

This episode explores how Women develop from “girlhood” into a “Seasoned Lady”, then how these stages align with Romantic Relationships. Here, Logan & Chris bring in their first guest speaker “Joy Robbins, LPC” a local therapist who specializes in working with Women struggling with Mood Disorders. Join us as we discuss how Men and Women are socialized to go through these processes so differently, you would think we were born on different planets.


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Episode 5 – Child Acquisition & Parenting

How do kids come into our lives? Are they found in a cabbage patch? Or brought by a stork? Or maybe some awkward conversation involving symbolic “birds and bees”? Regardless of how they might enter (or not), there are some right ways to be a Caretaking/Parent for Children, and then there are some WRONG ways. Logan & Chris define the different Caretaking/Parenting styles and the unique outcomes associated with each one.


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Episode 6 – The American Family

America is a melting pot of different cultures, values, and belief systems. This diversity reflects the variation in what you will see for the “typical” American Family. This episode explores six types of Modern American Families and further describes the potential benefits and challenges unique to each System.


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Episode 7 – Coming Together Coming Apart

This episode explores the process of Relationships coming together, then how they dissolve. Chris and Logan introduce Knapp’s Relational Development Model, to describe these processes, then discuss how to ensure that your most important ones don’t fall apart (unless you want them to).


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