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Who We Are

We are two Marriage and Family Therapists and private practice owners in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are also both happily married Family Men who have strong relationships with our Wives and Children, as well as a close relationship between each other as friends and colleagues. In our professional lives, we see a wide array of clinical issues, such as infidelity and betrayal, addiction, and sex with Couples and Families.


2 Men, 2 Therapists, 2 Friends, 1 Question…What are YOU married to in America? Your Lover? Family? Money? Power? Freedom? We want to help you make that relationship a Healthy One.  

The hosts of the show are Chris Matthews and Logan Cohen. Married In America is an informative talk show platform that includes guest appearances from other professionals in the Mental Health field, as well as an interactive space with the audience who can call in with questions or comments live to be answered ON AIR.


If you have questions around topics such as experiences in Therapy, Relationships, Intimacy, Parenting, or Healthy Lifestyle, feel free to call or write in directly to two Professional Therapists who eagerly want to be part of the solution for Mental and Emotional Health in our country.


As Men ourselves, we get an opportunity to model an open dialogue between a Black Man and a White Man who come from different places but share similar belief systems about healthy values as well as years of clinical experience with Relationships. 

What We Do

What Makes Us Different

We have enjoyed a professional working relationship for some time and over the course of the last few years, have also enjoyed a personal Friendship. Whether we were processing clinical work, pushing each other at the gym, or blowing of steam at the gun range, we decided we were having so much fun that it was time to invite YOU into The Conversation.

What are YOU Married to?

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