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Welcome to Married In America! This is an introductory episode for the show, as well as to the hosts Chris Matthews and Logan Cohen. Married In America is a podcast an informative talk show platform with Professional Marriage & Family Therapists that includes guest appearances from other professionals in the Mental Health field to discuss topics such as experiences in Therapy, Relationships, Intimacy, Parenting, and Healthy Lifestyle. This will all be coming from two Professional Therapists who are also Men, Husbands, and Fathers who eagerly want to be part of the solution for Mental and Emotional Health in our country. As Men, we get an opportunity to model an open dialogue between a Black Man and a White Man who come from different places, but share similar belief systems about healthy values regarding Relationships, Family Life, and Entrepreneurship. And how often do you get to ask your Therapist questions about themselves and WHY they do what THEY do? Listen for the answers and see what we're all about!

Episode 1 - Who Are We?

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